We urgently call for donations due to the severe situation and shortage of medical equipment due to high numbers of COVID-19 infected in Italy!

In this hour it is being discussed to deny Intensive Care for patients 80 years and older due to the lack of sufficiant medical equipment!

One portable medical ventilator machine cost about 3.000 US$. We want to buy as many machines as possible and have them shipped directly where they are most needed.

We are kindly asking you to move by compassion and love, and to donate in order to save lives.

Word Disaster Relief
Reference: Ventilator machines
IBAN:  DE83 1001 1001 2621 0864 39

c virus

we need to show our love pls do not rejact any one that eflicted by this virus do not moove by fear but love we need money and surviving and medical suplay all vitamin and food seal pls donate pls send all info photo to this site if any one need so we will answer and respo pls send this e m to others

Corona Virus

We are actively working on gathering funds in order to help fighting the Corona Virus disease. You can support this cause by sending a donation (“Corona Virus”), funds will be sent to medical centers in China.

Special call for donations: Relief for Kerala Flood victims (India)

On 14th August 2019, heavy rains fell during the monsoon season in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Terrible floods have hit the area.
As per reports, so far 2650 houses have been completely damaged. Many people are trapped inside a massive landslide in Kerala’s district Wayanad. The death toll has risen to 102, including flooding and landslides, More than 2,50,638 people have been evacuated and are staying in relief camps.

We are supporting local emergency relief and rehabilitation teams and asking for donations especially for this cause:

Word Disaster Relief
IBAN: DE83 1001 1001 2621 0864 39
Subject: Kerala Flooding 2019

Thank you very much and have a safe and restful weekend!

Cleaning the beaches north of Gaza

Our latest project is helping to clean the beaches north of Gaza and fight the source of pollution.

We found several dead sea turtles on the beach, and the entire shoreline was littered with garbage. We are mobilizing volunteers to clean the shore, buy cleaning equipment and a small truck.

Further, we are forming a team of marine researchers in order to find the source of pollution and discuss ways, how to fight and eliminate it. We want to find out, how these turtles died and where the garbage comes from.

If you want to help us finance the project, donate here.
Thank you very much!

Click on the image to learn more about the project “Cleaning the beaches north of Gaza”: