Medical Emergency System (MES)

The purpose of this organisation is to assist and direct medical treatment in situations of emergency for epidemic and chronical diseases – to locate the right facilities, clinics and hospitals, private teams and world renown experts, the most advanced research in the respective medical field as well as new medicines and techniques in the treatment of the disease.

Please contact us, if you want to donate, or, if you are in a situation of urgent medical need.


After the horrific explosion yesterday in the port of Beirut in Lebanon, there is an alarming shortage of medical supplies. We are preparing to send several trucks with important medical supplies to Lebanon, and asking for your help.

Due to the ongoing financial crisis and the Covid-19 disease, Lebanon’s medical system is overloaded, and now with the explosion, is collapsing. It is our obligation to help.

We are kindly asking you to move by compassion and love, and to donate in order to save lives.

Word Disaster Relief
Reference: Beirut Explosion
IBAN:  DE83 1001 1001 2621 0864 39